Yahoooooooooooooos (and Larry)

How does Harry Potter get to school?????

Walking… JK Rowling

Today, Hayley and I (Nora) are blogging at the library!!!!!!!!! This is boring. I just want to talk about Larry. Harry Potter was good and so was Legend and yeah books are AWESOME but I love my Larents a little too much. Actually we are talking about The Fault in our Stars. If you don’t already know TFIOS, is written by John Green and it’s SUPER AWESOME AMAZAYN AND EVEN MORE AWESOME BUT SOMEONE SPOILED THE END OF IT FOR ME. I WAS VERY VERY MAD. Well thanks for interrupting my sentence!!!! >: l  Continuing, (Ahem) TFIOS is a story about two cancer patients, Hazel Grace and Augustus- Augustus is literal boyfriend goals. I have to agree with that one. Heheh It is an incredible love story, except for the part when Gus… never mind. Shut up. HI IM INTURRUPTING AND BTW JB IS LIFE AND SO IS LARRY AND ANIMAL RIGHTS 4EVA. But seriously, TFIOS is sad. Just a warning. As long as we’re talking about fandoms, TAY-TAY IS LIFE. That is all.

P.S. Larry is love, Larry is life. 😀